If Found brand was initially founded in November 2012, the idea was to brand t-shirts with our own village name “Tendoville”. After a while, people from other villages started to envy and demanded they also want the shirts but with their own village names... the nerves,  but our Tendoville design could not fit for other village names, I needed to come up with a generic design that will accommodate this mess ;-)

Design after design, I couldn’t get the one that felt right nor find the printing style I had in mind, bummer L well until October 2014. The very first shirt was printed in flock, and it felt good to the touch, and looked great.

If found brand has been running strong since then, it’s the ONLY brand that allows the clients to put whatever they desire on their T-shirts, Hoodies, Tops etc. from country names, city names, township names, village names, company names, literally anything.